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White Houses

 A Top Ten on Ignant

10. Polite House. Situated in the residential area of Havstein in Trondheim, Norway, this compact single family house is overlooking the fjord and city of Trondheim. The house was designed by JVA.

9. Haus am Weinberg.  The architects of the UNStudio based in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong designed in 2011 the single family house ‘Haus am Weinberg’ in Stuttgart, Germany. It is located in a setting that is at one hand rural, yet suburban.

8. Spainville created this impressive residence with the very suitable name ‘The Mediterranean Pearl’ at Morro de Toix, Alicante, Spain. You can enjoy your uplifted view towards the south, with a panoramic view of the Bay of Altea and the Mediterranean sea in the background, either from its wide terraces, through the large windows, from any of its natural gardens, from the infinity pool or from an exceptional vantage point: the Jacuzzi upstairs. The modern style of the house is reflected in a design that is a perfect union of straight and formal lines.

7. Casa Box. The construction of the ‘Casa Box’ by Alan Chu Silveira e Cristiano Arns Kato Architectos followed a simple program. The aim was to renovate a caretaker’s house on an island on the North coast of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The two floor white suspended box sits 100 meters above sea level, surrounded by enormous rocks. 

6. Monolithic villa in Freundorf. Project A01 Architects created ‘Residence Kramer’, a monolithic villa in a village close to vienna. The sculptural object is located in a generous garden designed by the owner.

5. Sunken House. De Matos Ryan has completed The Garden House, a new 179 sqm house at the far end of the rear garden of a Victorian house in Battersea, South West London. It’s the sunken courtyard, characterized by white pigmented concrete walls and floor that defines The Garden House and lends the house an exotic sensibility.

4. Town House. Elding Oscarson built the ‘Townhouse’ sandwiched between old buildings in Landskrona, Sweden. It is nicely situated by the beach in a growing region. The lot is barely 5 meters wide with a tiny area of 75 square meters, facing a street but also a colorful hidden world inside the city block.

3. Squish. The Squish Studio by Saunders Architcture is located just outside the small town of Tilting on the eastern end of Fogo Island, Canada. Its white angular form, sited on a rocky strip of coastline offers sharp contrast to the traditional vernacular architecture of the nearby picturesque community of Tilting.

2. The lateral House. The ‘Lateral House’ by Gaurav Roy Choudhury located in Bangalore, India, was designed for a young family, which aimed for something pure. The architects indeed created a sculptural space which is bright and airy, segregates public and private spaces, and plays dramatically with scale and proportion.

1. Haus W. The ‘Haus W’ is located in Hamburg and although it might not seem like it, it’s a prefabricated low-energy house designed by Kraus Schönberg and built within only 4 months.

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